_DSC0078bw headshotWillow has been an intuitive advisor, spiritual teacher, and holistic healer for nearly 25 years. She began her spiritual path at the very early age of 3 when she began to hear and see the spirits around her. At the age of 15 she began learning to read tarot cards as a method to finding out why certain spirits were coming to her so she could help them if they needed help to cross over. She studied tarot for nearly 14 more years till at the age of 29 she began using her gifts to help those still living this human life.

Her passion is teaching others how to reach their highest potential through her gifts of mentoring, life coaching, mediumship, spiritual intuitiveness, readings and Reiki / Divine Source healing.

Willow is an ordained minister who enjoys officiating legal weddings and handfastings. She has been a Reiki Master / Teacher for 22 years and offers private healing sessions and classes. In 2014 Willow was given an additional healing modality from Spirit that she calls Divine Source Healing that has allowed the Reiki energy to become more focused and intense.

What makes her different from other spiritual teachers is that she uses her gifts to empower her clients. Sessions with Willow, will teach you how to simply and effectively manifest your true desires. She will ask your spirit guides and Guardian Angels to reveal answers to what may be blocking your success and their advice as how to overcome these blockages to find balance on your life path.

Willow relocated from New Orleans to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in December 2021 to continue her spiritual work. She is now working in partnership with her best friend of over two decades, Reiki Master & Herbalist Carol Johnson to create a new home for the Divine Source Spiritual Center. A new website will be available soon, complete with spirtiual and holistic products to help you on your spiritual path.

I am here to GUIDE YOU to the DIVINE TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE. I want to share something with you:

You deserve to LIVE your DREAMS, to truly know the wonder that is YOU. When you BELIEVE you can make ANYTHING happen in your life, it WILL happen. All you need is someone to help bring out your own Divine spirit. Seek and you shall find the Divine within you.