(Pronounced “ray-key”)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of Energy Medicine originating in Japan, which offers a noninvasive way to balance and manipulate the energy body to bring about healing. There are many types of Reiki. I have studied Usui Reiki (a gentle, peaceful treatment) since the 1997. In 2014 Spirit gave me another modality that I call Divine Source Reiki. Using the energy of the Divine Source allows for an increased intensity of the energies.

Reiki can help you heal a number of physical, spiritual and emotional conditions.  Each session is tailored to your needs, whether your goals are decreasing anxiety or addressing headaches or tuning in to create changes in other physical or emotional pain.

Reiki treatments can be offered through touch or at a distance.

Why would I choose Reiki?

You may decide to choose Reiki if you have physical discomfort, but you also have concerns about your modesty. You will be completely clothed during our session.

You may decide to choose Reiki if you are feeling vulnerable, and would like a session that helps you feel nurtured.

wellness-589771_1920You may decide to choose Reiki if you are feeling shy, and would not like to pursue massage.

You may decide to choose Reiki if you have complaints that are both physical and emotional, and you just want to feel better all around.

You may decide to choose Reiki if it just feels like the right treatment to explore.

What can Reiki do for me?

People who have experienced Reiki report that Reiki treatments have helped them experience the following:

  1. Lower heart rate*
  2. Decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety*
  3. Decreased frequency and severity of headaches, backaches and other physical pain
  4. Increased concentration
  5. Decreased effects of emotional trauma*
  6. Decreased insomnia
  7. Increased sense of peace and serenity
  8. Decreased feelings of restlessness
  9. Increased focus and mental acuity
  10. Increased sense of purpose and belonging

…and more.


*While Reiki has successfully helped to shift the effects of these conditions for numerous individuals, treatments are not intended as a primary treatment for medical or mental health concerns. Suggested for use as an adjunct treatment to therapy with an appropriately licensed professional.